KA studio

The idea of KA studio was born in 1999, when Anastasia Korsič decided to settle in Ljubljana and establish her own studio.

In the years before, after her degree in 1994 and untill 1999, arh. Korsič had traveled back and forth between Italy and the Balkans, working on interior furnishing for her family’s firm “Arredamenti Korsič”, stage design for theatres and TV shaws in Slovenija and in Trieste and fairs setup (Telekom Slovnije, Siol, Gorenje, and others).
The KA studio, conceived and founded by Anastasia Korsič, opened on 02.21.2000, with the office in trg Francoske Revolucije 4 in Ljubljana. The first collaborators of KA studio were: Peter Pahor, Maja Kocjan, Maja Zupan, Milan Vukadin, Uroš Pavasovič, Tamara Ćetković, Boštjan Majcen.
In 2011 KA studio moved in Bizjakova 9, in the new office built in 2013.
The studio’s activity has three main streams: projects for residencial building (constructions and renovations), interior design (apartments, houses, offices, shops, occasionally sailboats), stage design and layout for concerts, shows, TV programmes, fairs, exhibits.

Why KA

KA in Indian mythology – In Hindi KA means “WHO?” and is considered the oldest of the Gods. KA is without name and without body. It represents at once the mind and the space between the sky and the Earth. The SPACE, where people settle and build HOUSES.

KA in the mythology of ancient Egypt - In Egyptian mythology KA is explained as the double of the person, his essence or soul. KA is born at the same time as the physical body it belongs to, until the body decays or disappears.
The hieroglyph for KA has the shape of shoulders and arms raised towards the sky.

KA in literature – In “The Jungle Book” there is a snake named KA.

KA in architecture - here we are!

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